Coffee Rating:
3.5 out of 5 coffee cups

Tylers Acid Free Decaf Coffee
Medium Roast: Ground Decaf 10 oz.
Price: $29.97

Tylers Coffee was kind enough to send us a bag of their acid free decaf and regular ground coffee for review. We received their 4 oz ground coffee samples in decaf and regular and decided to test the acid free decaf coffee first. Tylers Coffee will have K-Cups available for purchase in winter 2013, buy your Tylers Coffee K-Cups at their website.

Tylers Coffee uses a special process to create acid free coffee, they state on their website that this is the largest invention in the coffee world since decaffeination. The high amount of acid found in coffee is one of the major factors in acid related diseases including acid reflux, indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn and tooth enamel decay. Tylers coffee is acid free, it lacks the bitter after-taste of regular coffee and has none of the negative side effects associated with acidic drinks. Tylers special roasting process provides double the amount of natural antioxidants in their coffees and double the amount of caffeine in their regular coffee.

Tylers coffee is made from grade AAA rated Brazilian Arabica beans and uses an Italian roast for their coffee. To create acid free coffee, Tylers uses their own proprietary “Z-Roasting” process. The Z-roasting process removes the natural acidity in coffee beans. The chemical free process involves computerized monitoring of temperature, air, humidity and other atmospheric conditions to remove the acid. This creates a bold yet smooth flavor and consistency from roast to roast. The coffee is ground in multiple micro grind sizes and sealed in individual coffee packages.

Tylers Chemical-Free Swiss Water® Process Decaf is made using a chemical free Swiss Water® process, maintaining the distinct flavor of their AAA Arabica beans and creating the world’s first and finest acid free decaf coffee.

When opening the package of ground coffee, Tylers Acid Free Decaf Coffee had the aroma of a warm nutty, medium Italian roast coffee. Tylers decaf coffee was brewed in our Capresso SG120 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker, and also our French Press, and it was tasted with and without half and half.

When tasting Tylers decaf coffee I noticed how smooth it was and that the coffee was markedly acid free! Tylers decaf has a good Italian roast flavor that is nutty with hints of fruit. The ground coffee came in individual packets making it very easy to brew up a pot of coffee.

I have had an extreme case of GERD/acid reflux for years and I could immediately tell the difference in acid content when drinking both Tylers decaf and regular coffees. I’m impressed with their acid free process, if coffee drinkers have problems with coffee acid Tylers Coffee is a perfect choice to combat the problem.

For those of you like me who have acid reflux disease or heartburn you can’t choose a better coffee to help with minimizing acid stomach problems. I highly recommend Tylers ground decaf coffee for its smooth, acid free taste and good Italian roast flavor, its a great choice for your everyday coffee or at times when you want less caffeine and acid in your coffee.

Try Tylers sample coffees in decaf and regular for only $9.99, its a great deal and an easy way to discover what truly smooth, acid free coffee really tastes like. Tylers offers free shipping on all USA orders.