Coffee: Rocket Java, Cascade Pride Coffee
Coffee Type: Whole Bean
Coffee Equipment: French Press

Coffee Rating:
2.5 out of 5 coffee cups

Cascade Pride Coffee out of Oregon is a regional coffee brand distributed by Three J’s Distributing, Inc. to grocery stores. The array of coffees ranges from flavored, lighter roasted coffees such as hazelnut and cinnamon swirl to traditional french roast and espresso coffees. Cascade Pride features a line of decaffinated coffee in both flavored coffees and traditional coffee beans as mentioned above. The decaf line has about a third of the flavors the caffinated coffees feature. Cascade Pride coffee comes in whole bean and has some pre-ground packages as well. At our local store we have the option of grinding the beans in store.

The best of the coffee selection from Cascade Pride is their Rocket Java, a dark roasted bean that packs a lot of flavor into each cup. Rocket Java is stronger and darker than your typical french roast, with a depth of flavor not usually found in grocery packaged bean coffees. The pricing on Cascade Pride coffee is fairly reasonable for a pound of coffee, generally under $8.00 to $10.00 range, depending on the grocery store. If you are looking for a good variety of coffee at lower pricing Cascade Pride can be found at numerous grocery stores in the Northwest region.

Coffee Flavor:
The coffee is aptly named, Rocket Java is a true burst of caffeine, with a rounded, full dark roast flavor. The coffee has an earthy tone with slight bitterness which can be tamed by adding some creamer and/or sugar to smooth out the flavor.

Coffee Acidity:
Rocket Java has a fairly high level of acidity for a lower cost coffee. Generally we use a French Press when making Rocket Java to get the most out of the rich taste of these coffee beans.

Coffee Body:
The body of this coffee is good, with a full-bodied heaviness and thickness to the coffee when you taste it.

Coffee Aroma:
Rocket Java’s aroma is much like a strong French Roast coffee, but a deeper, roasted scent and smell, much like a heavy cup of espresso aroma in the air.

Coffee Finish:
The coffee finish of Rocket Java stays with you, the slight bitterness lingers like most dark roast coffees with a dry aftertaste but the coffee flavor stays much the same as your initial drink with no extra flavor notes extended at the end.